Parallel Guidance

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Starter Pack

Starter Pack

G7 Ezy
+ Turtle Smart 

Your first guide to Intelligent Farming
Affordable and easy to use, it can be adopted by farms of any size for basic precision applications.

Parallel Guidance | Section Control 
+/- 30 cm precision


Premium Pack

Premium Pack

G7 Plus / G7 Iso
+ Turtle Pro2 

The solution that grows with you
Best for precision applications such as Spraying, Spreading, Weeding, Manuring. It can be upgraded to Auto-steering system. 

Parallel Guidance | Section Control | WiFi connectivity 
+/- 15 cm precision


Advanced Pack

Advanced Pack

G7 Plus / G7 Iso
+ All in one RTK + Auto-Steering Kit

The solution for any operation including high precision applications such as Seeding, Plowing, Strip-till, Planting.

Parallel Guidance | Section Control | WiFi connectivity | Auto-Steering | +/- 2 cm precision


ISOBUS Solutions

Create your custom Virtual Terminal

Explore FARMNAVIGATOR range of ISOBUS solutions for any budget, from Virtual Terminal displays to
Add-on Licenses: a try-before-you-buy software licensing system that meets the needs of small and medium-sized farmers.

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Automatic Section Control

Connect to a compatible controller
to reduce costs and environmental impact

G7 Farmnavigator calculates the exact treated area and controls automatically the boom sections based on the position received by the GNSS antenna.


Compatible with

Agral Agsis Bogballe Calibrator Zurf
Agromehanika Ag-tronik 14 Bogballe Icon
Agromechanika Ag-tronik S1 Bogballe Totz
Arag Bravo 300s Caffini CB9
Arag Bravo 300s RCU  Farmscan Unipod 
Arag Bravo 300s RCU 180s Hardi HC 5500
Bertolini Buono MC elettronica Hydra 590 
BKL ASC  Rauch Quantron-A / E
BKL HYDRA Tecomec Geosystem 260

GNSS Receivers

Choose the precision that best suits your needs!

A range of receivers for G7 FARMNAVIGATOR series
as well as Universal GNSS receivers for precision farming,
compatible with any third party display.

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Mario, Agricoltore

Mario, small farmer

Veneto - Italy

"I was afraid it was going to be too complicated for me, but G7 Farmnavigator has been a great surprise: I have learned to use it quickly without any problem. After a year I can say that it has improved my work, now I make better use of my tools and I save on products and time".



Intelligent Agriculture for farms of all sizes.


by AvMap, the GPS pioneers.