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G7 Dataseed


Universal Automated Inter-row Weeding

With innovative Dataseed technology
Efficient biological weeding
in any type of soil, crop phase and weather condition!


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In any type of soil

In any type of soil, crop
and weed population

Without the limits of image recognition systems. 

In any condition of visibility

In any condition of visibility
and weather

without the problems of dust, humidity and wind.

Effective, precise and sustainable biological weeding

Effective and sustainable
biological weeding

Now affordable for any farm size.

With Dataseed technology

Superior precision tracking of sowing
by AvMap, the pioneers of GPS

G7 Dataseed is based on an innovative technology developed in Italy by AvMap, that allows you to perform automated weeding with centimeter precision without the use of cameras or infrared.

The complete system consists of:

  • G7 Dataseed 
    On board 7" display computer recording sowing tracks

  • ECU Dataseed
    ECU controlling the automated mechanicall weeder directly on the hydraulic electrovalves

  • 1Minute RTK
    Connected GNSS receiver with inclinometer and +/- 2cm accuracy

10 Positions

10 Positions 
received per second

RTK centimetric accuracy

RTK centimetric accuracy
+/- 2cm


to record and compensate
for any variation in the terrain

How does it work?

1. Sowing

• During sowing 1Minute RTK, the high-precision GNSS receiver,  is installed in the center of the seed drill.

G7 Dataseed records the exact track performed by the implement, including curves and any sowing errors. Thanks to the proprietary Dataseed technology, the system saves the track taking into accountthe inclinations of the terrain and the speed of work.

• All the tracks saved on the G7 Dataseed internal memory can be organized by customers and fields andexported in the most common standard formats.

Real sowing track

Real sowing track recording
with high precision and high dot density

Creation of the sowing tracks database

Creation of the sowing tracks database

2. Weeding

• During the weeding phase 1Minute RTK, the high-precision GNSS receiver is moved to the center of the weeder.

• The dataseed track recorded during sowing is recalled on the G7 Dataseed.

• The automated weeder, equipped with hydraulic control, is guided by the ECU Dataseed and accurately follows the same track performed during sowing, regardless of the driving of the tractor.

G7 Dataseed is effective in any soil condition, not just the ideal one

The Dataseed method applied to an advanced satellite technology
guarantees precise control of the weeder even from the very first stages of the plant’s germination,
in any soil condition and weed population.

Ideal soil

Ideal soil condition 

G7 Dataseed

Image recognition systems


Early sprouting

Early sprouting stage

G7 Dataseed
It works from the earliest stages of sprouting, following the precise sowing track.

Image recognition systems
The camera cannot distinguish between cultivated area and weeds until they reach a certain size.


Abundant weeds

Abundant weeds

G7 Dataseed
It works even with abundant weeds, following the precise sowing track.

Image recognition systems
The camera cannot distinguish between cultivated area and weeds if they are too abundant.


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Technical Specifications


G7 Dataseed

Dimensions: 188 x 146 x 33 m
Weight: 640 g
Display: 7” bonded LCD, 1024x600 px, 1000 nits
Capacitive Multi -Touch Screen
Supply Voltage: 10-35 Vdc
Power consumption: 1,5A MAX @ 12V (~18 W)

Powered bracket with 3 adapters: cigarette lighter adapter, Cobo adapter, spade terminals adapter.

3 serial ports: 2x DB9 powered 12V DC, 1x DB


Operating temperature:  -10° C + 60° C
Storage temperature: -30 °C + 80 ° C
Waterproof iPX6  suitable for use on tractors without a cab

ECU Dataseed


Dimensions: 130  x 90 x 40 m

Weight: 500 g without harness

Supply Voltage: 10-35 Vdc

Power consumption: 14A MAX @ 12V (~18 W)

Included harness: 1x main connection cable, 1x power cable, 2x electrovalves

RS232 Serial port


Operating temperature:  -20° C + 60° C

Storage temperature: -30 °C + 80 ° C

Waterproof iP67  

 - 2x On/Off (PWM)
 - 2x Proportional electrovalves (PWM)

1Minute RTK


Techical Specifications


Dimensions: ᴓ 98 mm x H 50 mm

Weight: 240 g without power cable

Supply voltage: 9-32 Vdc

Power consumption: 1.2 / 1.5 W

Power cable: 4 m Conxall to DB9

Built-in magnets for easy mounting


Operating Temperature: -20 °C / +60 °C

Storage Temperature: -30 °C / +80 °C

Waterproof: IP67


RS232 baud rate: configurable (115200 default)

RS232 protocol: NMEA0183 (GGA, GLL, RMC, GSA, GSV, VTG, ZDA default)




Embedded cellular modem and SIM on chip

Embedded NTRIP Client

Embedded IoT MQTT Client

FOTA Automatic Firmware update over the air


Triaxial accelerometer and gyro


RTK precision +/-0.02 m

Baseline RTK 100 Km


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