G7 Plus Farmnavigator


G7 Plus 

The solution that grows with your Farm

    Parallel Guidance
 + Automatic Section Control
 + Auto-Steering
 + WiFi connectivity

From beginner to expert: G7 Plus grows with you thanks to compatible extensions!

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High quality display, great price!

High-quality display, great price!

Field work requires a robust, reliable, dust- and water-proof, and easy-to-clean display. FARMNAVIGATOR is all this, with Made in Italy quality.

Versatile and Connected

Versatile and connected

It can be installed on any tractor, self-propelled and harvesting machine. With WiFi and three serial ports, FARMNAVIGATOR G7 easily interfaces with different tools.

Visible in any condition

Visible in any condition

The 7" HD LCD with 16 million colors is super bright and is visible even in direct sunlight. It can be used on open stations too! 

Easy to install

Easy to install

It includes all the accessories you need to start installing and using it with ease, even if it is your first satellite guide!

Multi-touch Display

Easy to read and to use

The interface is intuitive, with large buttons for each function. 

When in field view you can keep an eye on all the most important data and everything is just a touch away  thanks to the collapsible menus.

Use multiple-finger gestures on the multi-touch display to scroll menus or to zoom in and out the field view. 


Farmer friendly Software

 The most intuitive yet advanced software for parallel guidance


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Fields Mapping


Fields Mapping

Paralled Guidance


Parallel Guidance

Headland Management


Headland Management

Section Control


Section Control

Integration with instruments


Farmnavigator is compatible with a large variety of third party products

Automatic Section Control

Connect to a compatible controller
to reduce costs and environmental impact

G7 Farmnavigator calculates the exact treated area and controls automatically the boom sections based on the position received by the GNSS antenna.


Compatible with

Agral Agsis Bogballe Calibrator Zurf
Agromehanika Ag-tronik 14 Bogballe Icon
Agromechanika Ag-tronik S1 Bogballe Totz
Arag Bravo 300s Caffini CB9
Arag Bravo 300s RCU  Farmscan Unipod 
Arag Bravo 300s RCU 180s Hardi HC 5500
Bertolini Buono MC elettronica Hydra 590 
BKL ASC  Rauch Quantron-A / E
BKL HYDRA Tecomec Geosystem 260

Videocamera connection

Monitor your implements

Control your camera from the G7 Farmnavigator display through the USB-VideoIN-Ethernet cable provided in the box: perfect for rear view or to monitor sensitive points of the implements.



G7 Plus Farmnavigator grows with you! 


Farmnavigator Auto-Steering

G7 Plus Farmnavigator is compatible with Farmnavigator Auto-steering system to achieve the maximum precision and reduce the operator fatigue.

The Farmnavigator Auto-steering System controls your vehicle steering and helps you stay on track,  following the guidelines set on the Farmnavigator: with our 1MinuteRTK receiver you get a precision of +/- 2 cm !

Which is the best GPS receiver for your job?

Which accuracy does your job require?

Do you need it for basic precision operations like field mapping, spraying, fertilizing or do you really need automatic guidance for more precise applications? We offer three options for different needs and budgets.

Still undecided?
We suggest you start with G7 Plus Farmnavigator and the Turtle PRO2 GNSS receiver (+/- 15 cm precision) and, when you are ready, you can upgrade to 1Minute RTK (+/- 2cm precision)  and the Auto-Steering system. 

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Iso Kit


into an ISOBUS Virtual Terminal


  • ISOBUS-ready bracket for G7 FARMNAVIGATOR
  • In-cab cable
  • Compatible with G7 Ezy and G7 Plus.

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Power adapters included

 Fits any vehicle

G7 Plus Farmnavigator  is very versatile as it comes with 3 serial ports and 3 different power cable adapters for any kind of vehicle:  

  •    Cigarette lighter plug,

  •    Cobo adapter,

  •    Spade terminals to feed it directly from a battery.

The installation takes only few minutes:

  1. Place the Farmnavigator on the bracket

  2. Plug the power cable

  3. Connect the external antenna into a DB9 connector.

Technical Specifications

G7 Plus Farmnavigator

Display: 7” bonded LCD, 1024x600 px, 1000 nits
Capacitive Multi -Touch Screen
Bluetooth (compatible with A2DP Bluetooth Speakers) 
Supply Voltage: 10-35 Vdc
Power consumption: 1,5A MAX @ 12V (~18 W)
3 serial ports: 2x DB9 powered 12V DC, 1x DB
Powered bracket with 3 adapters: cigarette lighter adapter, Cobo adapter, spade terminals adapter.
Operating temperature:  -10° C + 60° C
Storage temperature: -30 °C + 80 ° C
Waterproof iPX6  suitable for use on tractors without a cab
Dimensions: 188 x 146 x 33 m
Weight: 640 g

Included accessories



Protective  cover

Powered bracket
with 3 serial ports

Power cable adapters
(cigarette lighter, cobo, spade terminals)


USB-VideoIN-Ethernet cable

RAM rail mount







WiFi Updates

No worries

Software updates are done automatically via WiFi, so you do not have to worry aboput complex procedures, you will always get the latest geatures and improvements without any effort. 

*Only available for G7 Plus Farmnavigator