The Guide to Intelligent Agriculture for farm of all sizes

Save time, reduce environmental impact and increase efficiency.


Driving the growth of your farm

From beginner to Precision Farming expert 

Starter Pack

Starter Pack

G7 Ezy Farmnavigator + Turtle Smart GNSS receiver

Your first guide to Intelligent Farming

Affordable and easy to use, it can be adopted by farms of any size for basic precision applications.

Parallel Guidance + Section Control 

+/- 30 cm precision


Premium Pack

Premium Pack

G7 Plus Farmnavigator + Turtle Pro2 GNSS receiver

The solution that grows with you

Best for precision applications such as Spraying, Spreading, Weeding, Manuring. It can be upgraded to Auto-steering system. 

Parallel Guidance + Section Control + WiFi connectivity

+/- 15 cm precision



Advanced Pack

Advanced Pack

G7 Plus Farmnavigator + 1Minute RTK + Auto-Steering system

Farmnavigator at its best

The solution for any operation including high precision applications such as Seeding, Plowing, Strip-till, Planting.

Parallel Guidance + Section Control + WiFi connectivity + Auto-Steering

+/- 2 cm precision


Parallel Guidance


G7 Ezy Farmnavigator

1476,20 €

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G7 Ezy Farmnavigator + Turtle Smart

G7 Ezy Farmnavigator + Turtle Smart GPS/GNSS receiver

1811,70 €

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G7 Plus Farmnavigator

1811,70 €

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G7 Plus Farmnavigator + Turtle Pro2

2415,60 €

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Turtle Smart

603,90 €

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Turtle Pro2

1006,50 €

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Turtle RTK

1677,50 €

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Smart Farming


4G Agri

671,00 €

All in One RTK

2348,50 €


Farm Automation


Auto-Steering G4 Kit

Auto-Steering KIT

7313,90 €

G7 Dataseed

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Mario, Agricoltore

Mario, small farmer

Veneto - Italy

"I was afraid it was going to be too complicated for me, but G7 Farmnavigator has been a great surprise: I have learned to use it quickly without any problem. After a year I can say that it has improved my work, now I make better use of my tools and I save on products and time".


100 % Made in Italy


100 % Made in Italy


Farmnavigator is manufactured in Italy by AvMap


AvMap is the Italian manufacturer of navigation systems and smart electronics since 1994. We offer a wide range of applications in different sectors:
precision farming, avionics, marine electronics, automotive electronics and telematics.
AvMap Products are 100% made in Italy and sold worldwide. 

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AgriRobotics for a sustainable farming

SMASH R&D project

AvMap takes part to SMASH, a project aiming to create a collaborative, modular and integrated robotic ecosystem applied to Precision Agriculture, for the monitoring and sustainable management of agricultural crops.

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