NEW G12 Panorama

G12 Panorama

A panoramic view on ISO XML maps,
ISOBUS implements and cameras!

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Intelligent Agriculture for farms of all sizes.


by AvMap, the GPS pioneers.

Parallel Guidance

Parallel Guidance

Your Guide to Precision Farming


Build your own precision farming equipment starting with one of our displays of the G7 series or the G12 Panorama.

FARMNAVIGATOR parallel guidance software is renowned for its Farmer Friendly and intuitive interface, that has been continuously improving for over 15 years.

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ISOBUS solutions

Create your custom Virtual Terminal


Solutions compatible with any ISOBUS machinery, regardless of the brand of tractor and agricultural implement.

You can create your own customized terminal thanks to our try-before-you-buy software licensing system that meets the needs of small and medium-sized farmers.

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Smart Farming

Smart Farming

Your farm is finally connected

Manage your farm more efficiently: access a large amount of data about vehicles, trips and consumption, ins dal time, from your office PC, thanks to FARMNAVIGATOR connected products.

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Smart Antennas

Smart Antennas / GNSS receivers

A solution for each precision need

A range of GNSS receivers compatible with FARMNAVIGATOR displays as well as with most agriculture terminals.

Pass-to-pass precision starting form 30 cm up to 2 cm, for different treatments: spraying, spreading, weeding, manuring, harrowing, seeding, plowing, or strip-till.

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Automatic Steering

Automatic Steering

Maximum precision, minimum effort


Reliable and cost-effective auto steering kits for precision farming that increase work accuracy, saves fuel, and reduces operator's stress and fatigue.

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Automatic Weeding

Automatic Weeding

High Precision system for the control of weeding implements


Efficient biological weeding in all types of terrain and visibility conditions thanks to the innovative Dataseed technology developed in Italy by AvMap.

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100 % Made in Italy


100 % Made in Italy by the GPS pioneer

AvMap is the Italian manufacturer of navigation systems and smart electronics since 1994, offering a wide range of applications in different sectors: precision farming, avionics, marine electronics, automotive electronics and telematics.
AvMap products are 100% Made in Italy and sold worldwide. 

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Member of AEF


AgriRobotics for a sustainable farming

SMASH R&D project

AvMap takes part to SMASH, a project aiming to create a collaborative, modular and integrated robotic ecosystem applied to Precision Agriculture, for the monitoring and sustainable management of agricultural crops. Find out more


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