Automatic Steering

Maximum precision, minimum effort

A reliable and cost-effective auto steering for precision farming that increases work accuracy, saves fuel, and reduces operator's stress and fatigue.


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Maximum precision with minimum operator fatigue

Maximum precision with minimum operator fatigue

The Farmnavigator Auto-steering kits control your vehicle steering, and helps you stay on track following with great precision the guide lines set on the Farmnavigator.

This way, you can switch from the "light bar" system to automatic driving, meaning you can focus on controlling the implements instead of worrying about the steering wheel, which improves the quality and effectiveness of the job. Such a system is very useful in scarce visibility conditions, in case of fog and dusty fields.


  • It allows you using the whole length of your implements, maximizing the crop area and reducing overlapping.

  • It saves you time as the headland maneuvers will be faster

  • It saves you money, reducing waste of fuel, seeds and fertilizers

  • This results in a quantitative and qualitative improvement of your crop, and a higher return on investment.



Auto-Steering G5 Kit

Auto-Steering KIT

G5 Kit

For tractors NOT steer ready.
Check the list of compatibility first!

Minimal speed 600m/h, specific setup for 50m/h

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Auto-Steering G4 Kit

Auto-Steering KIT

G4 Kit

For every model of tractor
NOT steer ready

Minimal speed 1.6km/h (optional 600m/h)

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ECU kit

ECU kit

For For steer-ready vehicles

E.g. DF TTV (agrosky), Kubota M7, CNH,Puma, Magnum, Optum, STX NH, T7 / T8 Valtra, Massey Ferguson, Challenger, Fendt

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Centimetric Accuracy

Auto-Steering Kit + All in One RTK

The FARMNAVIGATOR Auto-steering Kit controls your vehicle steering and helps you stay on track,  following the guidelines set on the FARMNAVIGATOR display, and when combined with a RTK receiver, it gives you centimetric precision!

With All in One RTK receiver you get a precision of +/- 2 cm with a baseline of 100 km!

This High-precision multi-frequency GNSS receiver compatible with GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU satellites, RTK corrections via internet thanks to embedded NTrip Client and the included connectivity.

Ideal for:  Plowing, Strip-till, Planting, Weeding.


At the best of possibilities

High precision applications

Use the Auto-Steering system with G7 Plus / G7 Iso / G12 Panorama for next level parallel guidance and section control.  

  • Choose the guidelines for your activity and stay on track, with faster and smoother headland maneuvers


  • Set up your implements and connect to an Automatic controller to use the whole length of your implements  for higher precision and greater productivity.  The display will calculate the exact treated area and controls automatically the boom sections based on the position received by the GNSS antenna reducing waste of seeds and fertilizers.


Intelligent Agriculture for farms of all sizes.


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