Assistentie Citroën Klanten

Bester Dealer / Klant,  Hier vindt u de montagehandleiding en de meest gestelde vragen.


 Gratis Software updates

In order to keep your software up-todate, register your navigator and download Geosat Suite!

1. First of all, Register your navigator. The model included in Citroën C1 is called Geosat 6.

Geosat 6

Car model:
Citroën C1


Geosat 6 Blu

Car model:

Citroën C1(2012)


iPod control e Bluetooth.

Download Geosat Suite, the desktop application that helps you keeping the Geosat always up-to-date. Download Geosat Suite for free.



AvMap navigators are guaranteed for 2 years after  the purchase date.


How to get Customer Support
for your AvMap device:

1.   Register your Navigator

2.   Read the FAQ section

3.   If you do not find the answer to your problem, then write us filling the online Assistance form

4.   The Customer Support will reply providing you instructions and the Call Center phone number.

5.   If the problem cannot be solved over the phone, you will receive via email a repair code  ‘RMA’ with all the instructions to send us your navigator for repair.