Accessori inclusi in Geosat 6 BLU - Peugeot 107  

Geosat 6 Blu

Seamlessly integrated in the dash, yet it is 100% portable!

Open the foldable docking unit to unveil AvMap Geosat 6 Blu, a solution developed by AvMap to join all the advantages of the in-car systems to those of the portable solutions.

Geosat 6 Blu is an elegant 4.8” touch screen portable navigator, with

  • > European maps

  • > AvMap smart route technology

  • > Bluetooth

  • > Multimedia player


In the car 

> When placed in the dash docking system Geosat 6 Blu is powered through the car mount without any cable just like an in-car navigation system.

> Geosat 6 Blu is equipped with Bluetooth for safe hands free call.

> When positioned in the special dash with iPhone / iPod docking station, Geosat 6 Blu can control music played by the iPod/ iPhone

> Geosat 6 Blu communicates with the car sound system allowing the navigation vocal instructions, the reproduced mp3 and hands free calls to be heard through the car’s loudspeakers. The smart volume management lowers the volume of the music at every incoming call or navigation vocal instruction.


On the go

When you arrive at your destination, you can switch off and safely hide your Geosat 6 Blu just closing the foldable docking unit, or you can take Geosat 6 Blu with you!

Portable Unit = Easy to Update!

Keeping up-to-date your Geosat 6 Blu is extremely easy; just downloas the Geosat Suite Desktop application to get the latest software updates for free and know when the new maps have been released, and connect the Geosat to the PC with the USB cable provided. 

AvMap Navigation Software

The navigation software offers an easy to use intuitive interface as well as advanced functions such as:


> Stop planner: Geosat 6 Blu helps you planning the perfect journey set the destination and your departure time to choose where to have lunch or where to refuel.

> Trip computer: at any moment you can take a look to the Trip Computer to get an overview of your journey. Control your average speed and the highest speed reached on the speed graph as well as the stop time and other important information.

> Track recording


> Multiple destination routing to help you organize your trip in detail before leaving, minimizing risks and bad surprises.

> Lane Assistant:  Geosat 6 Blu suggests you in advance  which lane to take in big cross roads with multiple lanes, or in highways spurs.

> Text to speech: Geosat 6 Blu features Turn-by-turn vocal instructions with Text-to-Speech announcing street names (e.g. "Turn Right in Falmouth Road"). Just listen to spoken road names without looking away from the road.


Geosat 6 Blu is 100% Made in Italy by AvMap.


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