GPS technology applied to intelligent agriculture

Save time, reduce environmental impact and increase efficiency.

G7 Plus Farmnavigator

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G7 Plus + Turtle Smart /GNSS receiver

G7 Ezy Farmnavigator

1464 €

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G7 Ezy Farmnavigator + Smart GPS / GNSS receiver

1824 €

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Farmnavigator Autosteering System

7930 €

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DGPS antenna

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Novatel AG Star

1403 €

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Turtle RTK GNSS receiver


1MINUTE RTK receiver


Are you a manufacturer of sprayers, atomizers or seeders?

Make sure that your implement is compatible with Farmnavigator!

AvMap collaborates with companies leaders in the agricultural machinery sector in order to offer complete and easy-to-use solutions for precision farming. Farmnavigator displays can communicate with third party ECU through serial or ethernet interface in order to control automatically boom sections or seeders, based on the position received by the DGPS antenna.

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100 % Made in Italy

The Farmnavigator product line is 100% made in Italy by AvMap. 
Developed in collaboration with SatconSystem.


AvMap, the Italian manufacturer of navigation systems since 1994, offers a wide range of applications in different sectors: avionics, marine electronics, automotive and precision farming. AvMap manufactures products for the B2B, B2B and OEM markets. AvMap Products are 100% made in Italy and sold worldwide. 

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